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FAQ about ACE certification

How do I prepare for my exam?

You should have extensive experience for all listed exam topics. The topics for each exam are listed in the exam guide. Review the recommended materials listed in the relevant exam guide to see if you're ready to take the certification exam.

Does attending training courses help with certification?

Attending training courses gives you hands-on experience and in-depth expertise in Adobe products. However, training courses are not prerequisites for a certification exam.

If I do not pass an exam, can I get a refund?

We are unable to offer refunds for failed exams.

For how long will my CC certifications be valid?

Your ACE CC certification will be valid for two years after the date you certify.

How long do the certifications last?

All product certifications do not expire, although ACE exams are continually evaluated and updated to ensure the content remains relevant. Maintaining your certification status endorses your knowledge and skills as a valued and competent professional.

When will I receive my score?

Results for exams that only consist of only multiple choice questions will be provided immediately upon completion. Exams with both multiple choice and short answer questions will have results delivered in two parts: The multiple-choice portion is scored immediately upon completion and the short answer portion is scored within five business days. You will receive your score by email.

What happens if I fail?

You may register for the exam again 14 days after a failed attempt. You are allowed up to three exam attempts for any exam annually. Each exam instance will incur a separate exam fee.

How do I find out what I missed?

Question answers are not disclosed. Adobe strives to maintain the highest standards to protect the integrity of the certifications you earn.

What do I receive upon certifying?

All certifications offer an e-certificate and use of the ACE logo, which will be emailed to you following receipt of your signed ACE Agreement. Products in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite also include an ACE welcome kit, which will be mailed out six weeks after earning your certification.

Where do I view my certification history (results, etc.)?

You can view your certification status, history, results, etc. by logging into the Adobe Certified Portal

How do I add my name to the ACE Finder?

Follow the directions below to get your name added to our Adobe Certified Expert Finder.

  • Log in to the Adobe Certified Portal. If you need assistance with your credentials, please contact
  • Select "Update Personal Info" from the left-hand menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom section, Custom Questions, and select "Yes" so we can share your credentials.
  • Enter a URL to showcase your skills, previous projects, contact information, etc. in the "Website" field (optional).
  • Click "Submit."
Please allow 5 business days for your information to appear. If you still don't see yourself listed after that time, please contact for assistance.

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Certification benefits

By proving your expertise with Adobe solutions, you demonstrate your commitment to advancing your skills and taking on greater challenges. Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert communicates your proficiency in leading products from Adobe to customers, employers, and colleagues. Attaining certification also differentiates you from competitors and gets your résumé noticed. Plus, once you are certified you are entitled to join the Adobe Certified community, where you can create a profile and connect with other Adobe Certified Experts.

Training materials

Learn Adobe products and prepare for certification exams using books, videos, and other preparation materials.
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